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How to maintain linear modules that are not used for a long time?


1. If the motor matched with the linear module is a DC motor, the brushes need to be taken out from the DC motor when it is disabled to avoid damage to the commutator caused by chemical corrosion, the performance of the commutator will be degraded or even the entire linear module will be damaged. Groups are not working properly.

linear module

2. Power on the linear module regularly, especially in the rainy season or in an environment with relatively high humidity, it should be powered on more often. When the motor is not running, that is, the machine tool is locked, let it run idly, and use the heating principle of electrical components to dissipate the moisture in the linear module to ensure stable and reliable performance. In addition, frequent power-on can ensure the charging needs of the backup battery, but the battery voltage needs to be checked frequently. If it is too low, it needs to be replaced immediately to prevent data loss caused by power failure.

3. Regularly use anti-rust oil and lubrication for the deactivated linear modules to prevent rust or corrosion and avoid failures during use.

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