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Electric sliding table
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Transmission difference of linear slide module


1. Ball screw drive means that the motor drives the ball screw to rotate through the coupling or synchronous pulley, and then pushes the slider fixed on the linear guide to move forward and backward.


a. The ball screw has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, low friction, high rigidity and strong load capacity. But achieve precise positioning.

b. In terms of speed, it depends on the speed of the motor and the size of the lead screw. The larger the lead screw, the

Under the same motor output speed, the sliding speed of the single-axis manipulator is also higher.

2. The synchronous toothed belt drive is driven by the motor to drive the driving wheel of the synchronous belt to rotate, and then the belt drives the straight line.

The slider on the rail moves back and forth. The synchronous toothed belt has the characteristics of low noise, fast moving speed and low cost.

In terms of speed, higher speeds can generally be achieved than ball screws. At the same time, there is no limit of critical speed, and it has more cost-effectiveness in long-stroke transmission. However, the positioning accuracy of the synchronous belt drive is lower than that of the ball screw.

After understanding the two types of slide modules, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the appropriate module according to your own needs.

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