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What are the correct ways to measure the accuracy of linear modules?


Linear module is a relatively changeable product, suitable for a variety of industries, and it is also suitable for many environments, and is a relatively comprehensive linear motion device. A phenomenon that customers will basically ask when purchasing linear modules is what the accuracy of the linear modules is. Of course, we usually recommend to customers according to the customer's demand for accuracy, but which product customers are optimistic about at the same time we It will also tell the customer the accuracy of the linear module.

However, the linear module is a very precise automatic mechanical equipment and is widely used. Therefore, in practice, the specific accuracy should be strictly controlled, and when necessary, the accuracy should be measured.


The accuracy of linear modules can usually be measured from the following steps:

1. Running parallelism: Put the ruler on the platform of the linear module, and use the test indicator to test within the range that the module can move quickly. The larger difference in the reading value within the moving range is the measured value. This value needs to be recorded.

2. Positioning accuracy: The larger stroke of the linear module is defined as the reference length, and the interval between the actual movement from the reference azimuth and the absolute value of the greater error between the command values are defined.

3. Repeated positioning accuracy: After repeating the positioning of any point in the same direction, the stop position is measured, and 50% of the larger difference in the reading of the meter is calculated. Separate the measurement, locate the larger value in the measurement value to the measurement value, and define it as 1/2 of the larger difference with "±".

The purpose of the above methods for measuring the accuracy of linear modules is to try to reduce the accuracy difference to a smaller value.

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