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When choosing an electric sliding table, which electric sliding table company should you find more assured?


The lead screw linear module is a single composite part driven by a motor, which is an optimally designed module platform. It consists of a ball screw and a U-shaped structure linear slide. It adopts the trend of compounding, lightweight and modularization, combined with the design concept of high precision, high load and high rigidity, and conducts independent research and development. It can save installation space and maintenance costs; it has been widely used in machinery, semiconductor equipment and other mechanisms that require positioning. The details are as follows:

Electric slide company

The main advantages of the lead screw linear module are:

Easy inspection and complete equipment: Functions such as positioning accuracy, reproduction accuracy, and travel parallelism are all easily inspected.

Reusable design: The ball screw for driving is integrated with the guide rail, which not only provides high-precision linear motion, but also can be matched with multi-functional accessories. It is very convenient to import multi-purpose application design, and can also meet the needs of high-precision linear transmission.

Easy to assemble and easy to maintain: the assembler does not need professional skills to complete the assembly. Good dustproof and lubricated, easy to maintain, the machine can be recycled after being scrapped.

High precision and high stiffness: By analyzing the deformation of the contact position of the steel ball under loads in all directions, it is known that this linear module has the characteristics of high precision and high stiffness. The finite element method is used for structural optimization design to obtain a better stiffness-to-weight ratio.

What are the characteristics of the screw linear module?

The screw linear module has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance;

The screw linear module has high rigidity, high precision, high speed, high load, high thrust and high reliability;

The screw linear module has a unique design, high wear resistance and long service life;

The screw linear module adopts stainless steel belt dust-proof structure, dust-proof and splash-proof;

The screw linear module has a variety of products from small to large, which can support a variety of purposes.

The above is a brief introduction to the screw linear module. Dongguan Keyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. will understand the needs of customers when choosing linear modules for customers. According to the customer's project and specific use, whether it is a single-axis or multi-axis combination, effective range, load, speed and accuracy, etc. Choose a model. We focus on the development and sales of linear modules + multi-axis motion platforms, and provide you with professional robot system solutions, after-sales maintenance and upgrades.


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