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Electric sliding table
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What is the difference between a cold rolled ball screw and a ground ball screw?


At the moment of looking for an electric sliding table company, there are many companies that are not sure which one to choose, and each company has different strengths. We only care about profit, so we can't meet the fundamental requirements of customers, and in many cases there is no detailed plan to provide customers, so customers are always worried about giving electric slides to us.

Electric Slider Company

When choosing an electric sliding table company, you must not act blindly, but to investigate which aspects of the electric sliding table company are recognized by customers, whether it is in terms of cost, quality or service, and more importantly, facing the requirements and actual needs of customers. situation-specific solutions.

Then we also need to focus on the hardware configuration of the electric sliding table company: such as equipment and facilities, floor space, if a company that is too small cannot accept larger orders, its strength will not be sufficient, as well as customer cases and sample displays that have cooperated , through the sample display, you can estimate the strength of the company.

Dongguan Keyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. TICO is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of slide module, linear module, linear motion unit, precision manipulator, and servo positioning slide automation equipment. The company has a batch of elite talents who have been engaged in the field of automation control for a long time, have rich field experience and grasp technology. The company adheres to the core value of "creating value for partners", and takes "inheritance-oriented, trust-based" as the enterprise spirit. Through continuous improvement of good service and marketing system, adhere to independent innovation and self.

We are such an electric slide table customization company. Not only is the electric slide table cost-effective, but it also makes customers very satisfied with the service. If you just need an electric slide table, you can come to us for a factory inspection and exchange.

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