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Linear modules help luggage industry workers say goodbye to hard work


Linear modules help workers in the luggage industry say goodbye to hard work. For the material handling and stacking of carton and luggage enterprises, traditional enterprises always carry out heavy, monotonous and repetitive work manually. With the development of science and technology, carton and luggage companies now use linear module-driven palletizers to let workers say goodbye to heavy work.

Linear module

The linear module is superior to the manual palletizer, and the linear module can work continuously for 24 hours. Compared with the traditional manual palletizer, it will not restrict the production of enterprises due to factors such as workers requesting leave, lack of work, accidents, etc., and affect production efficiency.

In addition, the linear module drive palletizer greatly increases the labor force of the factory, simplifies the personnel, saves money, and improves the management level. After training, employees only need one person to complete simple operations, stay away from messy and tiring handling work, and free workers from high-intensity physical labor. And greatly improve labor productivity and stability.


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