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Things you dont know about screw linear modules


There are different opinions on cold rolled ball screws and ground ball screws, but most people think they are both equally good. Is this statement appropriate? Dongguan Keyang Automation will give you a brief explanation.

Ball screw

The cold rolling of the ball screw refers to first cutting grooves of a certain depth on the polished rod material, and the groove spacing is equal to the spacing of the wires to be processed, and then rolling them out in a manner similar to the teeth of the processing screw. Its accuracy level is lower than average, and it is suitable for ordinary equipment with lower accuracy requirements. Grinding is based on cold rolling. A special cylindrical grinder is used to precisely machine an arc groove with the same shape and size, but the groove is at the bottom of the arc groove, and the accuracy is above the average value. It is suitable for CNC machine tools with high precision and high precision. Demanding equipment.

Cold rolled and ground ball screws go through different manufacturing steps that affect their performance. For ground screws, all quoted key characteristics and measured theoretical shaft centerlines are shown centered on both ends of the shaft. Grinding is still considered more expensive than rolling. However, this view is not necessarily true, because it has been ground in recent times, and there will be special advantages in the pre-rolling process. Screws (only partially formed threads) can now be pre-rolled and the errors created during the rolling process on the thread grinder are eliminated. This allows manufacturers to gain significant process advantages as stress relief is reduced. The basic idea is to get more consistent results during the grinding process and remove less material in terms of lead error, straightness, thread profile, etc. The accuracy of this screw is equal to or even better than that of conventional ground screws, while largely maintaining the economical advantages of the rolling process.

We often hear people say "cold rolled ballscrews are as good as ground ballscrews", but now I think you know how to make an objective assessment of specific specifications and workmanship issues.


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