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Why do linear modules need multi-axis construction?


In our general production and use of linear modules, I believe we should know more about the use of linear modules for single-axis construction. The linear modules used in single-axis construction will be relatively simple. Generally, single-axis use is mainly linear reciprocating motion, and companies that choose to use this kind of use only use linear modules to complete a simple job at a certain station. action.

Although the single-axis use of linear modules has been widely used by enterprises, why use linear modules for multi-axis construction? In fact, the use of multi-axis construction is actually a problem that acts on functions. Just like the chopsticks we use in our lives, when one is used alone, it can be used for stirring, and when two are used, it can be used to pick up vegetables. Of course, it can also be used for stirring, but the effect is much simpler than that of one stick.

linear modules

The multi-axis use of the linear module is similar to the example mentioned by the editor of the linear module manufacturer. Everyone knows that the linear module is an automated product to solve the concept of "machine substitution". Single-axis use The actions that the linear modules can do are too simple, but the linear modules used in combination can do various more complex actions such as picking and placing materials, moving materials, etc.! Because of the multi-axis construction and use of linear modules, the linear modules are also more covered in various life industries.

In addition to the ability to complete a variety of different actions in the use of multi-axis linear modules, the benefits of multi-axis use reduce the cost of many companies choosing to replace labor. Before the use of multi-axis linear modules, the kind of intelligent mechanical equipment that can complete various actions has always been the kind of six-axis manipulator and small manipulator. However, due to the high cost, many small and medium-sized enterprises are in weekly I didn't choose it after much consideration. The emergence of multi-axis construction of linear modules has made many small and medium-sized enterprises more affordable and used, solving the problem of "machine substitution" and realizing the "unmanned" of factory production.

More applications, higher practicability, and better economy are the reasons why linear modules need to be built and used with multiple axes, because there will be demand for them in the market.

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