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What kind of module slide should be selected from the module slide manufacturer?


In the industrial field dominated by automated production, the help of the module slide is very necessary. The modular slide table provided by Dongguan Keyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can ensure a wide range of use, high installation efficiency and high precision, allowing industrial production to complete a variety of tasks. The following is the description of Dongguan Keyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. on the precautions for selecting the module slide table


1. Pay attention to the motion sensitivity of the device.

Because the module slide can assist the linear movement in industrial production, it is necessary to ensure the performance of the movement. It is very important to know clearly whether the motion sensitivity of the module slide is good. If the high-sensitivity module slide can achieve high-precision positioning, it can stay just in front of the target position to ensure manufacturing accuracy.

2. Pay attention to the rigidity of the module slide material.

According to the introduction of Dongguan module manufacturers, it can be known that linear modules are also made of a series of metal materials and high-hardness plastics. If the rigidity of the module slide is high enough, it will not cause deformation of the guide rail or the device itself. If the rigidity meets the requirements of high quality, it can resist external force to a certain extent, so as to ensure that the module slide device itself maintains the guiding accuracy.

3. Pay attention to the combination of motors.

Remind everyone that when choosing a module slide, you should also pay attention to which motors can be matched. You should also consider using a motor if you want the modular slide to meet the different needs of your job. If the speed requirement is not high, you can choose a stepper motor; if the precision requirement is high, you can choose a servo motor, because it is necessary to know that the module slide table can be used with various motors.

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