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The linear module manufacturer introduces how to clean the linear module slide?


When we use the Linear Modular Slide, sometimes stains will stick to the Linear Modular Slide. At this point, we need to clean the linear module slide. Here, our Keyang Automation will tell you in detail how to clean the linear module slide. won't you come and see?


First, we should know where the stain comes from.

Before dealing with any problem, we need to know what the problem is. Take this matter for example. We need to know what these stains are. In the workshop, one unavoidable thing is dust. When the air is full of dust, it threatens the linear module slide, because once the dust settles, it can form stains. Therefore, a large part of the dirt on the linear module slide comes from the dust floating in the air.

2. Cleaning method

The cleaning method is simple. We just need to prepare a piece of cotton cloth. The softer the cotton, the better. Because it's a sophisticated instrument, other cleaning things can hurt it, but not a cotton cloth. If we are afraid that the cotton cloth will damage the instrument during the wiping process, we can apply some lubricant after wiping, which can reduce the resistance and not affect the use of the linear module slide.

Isn't it amazing that a piece of cotton cloth can be polished like new? The above is the correct cleaning method of the linear module slide table taught by Dongguan Keyang Automation. I hope it can solve your questions well!

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